The Soul Journey


The Soul Journey

Live the life you were meant to live

As a coach and mentor to leading businesspeople and entrepreneurs around the world Dr Fred Grosse works on the premise that the ultimate definition of wealth is ‘having it all’. He believes that life is the most important thing – family, friends, personal satisfaction – and that building wealth and succeeding in business are simply elements of this overall quest for fulfillment.

Today’s super-achievers turn to Dr Grosse when they are ready to design lives and corporate cultures where affluence and quality of life are mutually inclusive. He helps both corporations and individuals harness their potential and become more dollar-productive while achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

High achievers want to maximize their income while effectively reducing the time it takes to produce it, simultaneously taking a quantum leap towards living a magnificent life. Dr Grosse’s technique centers on the most effective use of time. There is a level of productivity that can never be achieved merely by working harder, only by working smarter, and this is where the expertise of Dr Grosse plays an invaluable role.

He teaches psychological tools that undo the subtle, unconscious obstacles which can keep even top achievers from fulfilling their potential. He demonstrates how to move beyond previous comfort zones, rediscover passion, use inner assets and realize tangible, life-changing results. Dr Grosse has proven to be a master at pinpointing specific key strategies that empower and inspire the top echelons to achieve results even they have previously found elusive.

Boutique 100

The Wealth³ Boutique 100 is a one day to week-long business conference for a select number of individuals with a minimum of one year’s experience with Dr Grosse (although special provision will be made for significant others).


Wealth³ seminars provide an opportunity to participate in a year-long training program with Dr Grosse and a number of inspirational high achievers in a Mastermind Group.

1K Accountability Program

With the 1K Accountability Program Dr Grosse will become your private coach and ‘peer partner’. He will support you and your business in achieving your specific goals, help you meet your commitments and adhere to the rewards and consequences you set for yourself.

Transform Counter Productive Behaviour